Tuesday, May 17

Sports Ministry To Submit COVID-19 Sports Code Protocols to PTF, National Assembly For Approval – Source

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The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development plans to submit its Covid 19 Sports Code Protocols to the Presidential Task Force on Covid 19 and the National Assembly leadership on Friday.

This is aimed at ensuring a planned ease down of individual sporting activities and non contact sport are giving consideration.

According to an impeccable source, the Ministry had in the the past few weeks been addressing the issue of the code.

Reports say part of the code was developed by the committee saddled with the responsibility of handling the Edo 2020 National Sports Festival.

The committee made up of department of federations handled the initial draft which were sent to all sporting federations for input.

Meanwhile, a review of the final document which will take into consideration the country’s health situation will be drafted.

The proposed code has two sections which deals with football protocols and non-contact sport protocols.

For football, the recommendation will not fall short of preventing spectators from attending matches while there will be compulsory testing measures for players who will also be camped for 3 days before any match.

It is also reported that the ministry will recommend the return of some non contact sports which includes Tennis, Swimming, Badminton etc under a stringent and strict conditions.

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