Wednesday, May 18

BREAKING: Anambra FA Election Was A Disgrace, Charade, And Won’t Stand – NFF

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Frankie Omokhua

The Nigeria Football Federation has stated categorically that there has been no election into the executive committee of the Anambra State Football Association.

In a release issued by the federation’s communication department on Tuesday, the Chairman of Chairmen of Nigerian Football, Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau minced no words in declaring that what took place in the State on Monday, 27th July 2020, and which some stakeholders styled ‘an election’ was a charade of very low grade, and the NFF would never recognize such a sham.

“That was an act of brigandage and the NFF fully dissociates itself from it”. “The Electoral Committee sent to the NFF a letter which they received from the Anambra State COVID-19 Task Force, requesting that the elections into the State FA and the local football councils be postponed, in line with the situation in the country, as the ban on sporting activities and mass gatherings was still alive”.

“The same Electoral Committee issued a press statement on Monday, 27th July 2020, informing the general public that the elections would no longer hold, and regretted the inconvenience that the sudden postponement may have caused the candidates, delegates, observers, stakeholders and the general public”.

“In view of these, it is incomprehensible how anyone could have gone ahead with the charade they are calling ‘election’, and you begin to wonder who actually conducted the so-called election,” Gusau said on Tuesday.

Gusau, who is also a Member of the NFF Executive Committee, stated further:

“That was an affront on the Government and the NFF will never be part of it. The Anambra State COVID-19 Task Force made it clear that there should be no such gathering”.

“It is irksome, and let it be said without ambiguity that the NFF does not recognize such a sham and it cannot stand”.

During the election which purportedly took place on Tuesday, the sate FA Chairman, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, was said to have been declared the winner after polling a vote of 22 out 26, with two voided votes.

According to reports, some contestants who were eligible and cleared to take part in the exercise boycotted what is now termed “a show of shame”.

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