Monday, May 16

Russian Federation To Be Expelled, If It Fails To Settle Unpaid Fine By August 15 – World Athletics

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Frankie Omokua

The global governing body for athletics, World Athleticsis set toexpel Russia’s federation, suspended since 2015 for having broken anti-doping rules, if it fails to pay a hefty fine before Aug. 15, it said on Thursday.

Chairman of the taskforce overseeing Russia’s reinstatement efforts, Rune Andersen, said it had received a guarantee from Russian Sports Minister, Oleg Matytsin, that a payment of $6.31 million (4.85 million pounds), which includes a fine for breaching anti-doping rules, would be made before mid-August. The federation had missed the initial deadline of July 1.

The expulsion, which would have to be approved by the World Athletics Congress, would lead to Russian athletes being sidelined from international competitions, including those who had previously been authorised to compete as neutrals.

World Athletics said the decision would come into effect immediately and automatically if the payment was not made by the new deadline. It said no Russian athletes could be clear to compete internationally as neutrals until that condition was met.

It added the federation needs to submit a new plan for reform and show satisfactory progress in achieving its objectives.

“At least we are now in a position to continue the reinstatement process having had a clear indication that they have accepted the seriousness and severity of the situation,” World Athletics President, Sebastian Coe, said in an online news conference.

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