Tuesday, May 17

Grassroots Football Will Be My Sole Priority – Ugwu

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*Promise to carry on with Okenwa’s legacies

Frankie Omokhua

Enugu Football Association Vice-Chairman, Tony Ugwu, is set to hit the ground running as his efforts to give grassroots football development gets attention.

Speaking on South East pidgin Sports mouth-piece, Sports Yarn on Enugu’s Dream Fm on Tuesday, Ugwu said,

“I think my focus has to be on grassroots football development as it were. You know that the grassroots is the focal point in football”.

“So, what we are trying to do now is for us to have affiliations in all the local govt areas of the state and try to see how we can form a synergy with the FA at the centre and develop more”.

“We also want to move in and partner with public and private sectors as a way of making significant progress”.

Meanwhile, the former Mayor of Nsukka Local Government Area hinted that his era would endeavour to carry on with all the lofty innovations and programmes which his predecessor and former FA chairman, late Chidi Ofor Okenwa, left behind.

“Moreso, we want to carry on with the legacies left behind by our boss. He has done well because he left big shoes and programmes for us and we must have to follow the programmes”.

He disclosed that plans are on for the state FA to partner with the state government to create more in-roads towards achieving his set objectives.

“Even though people say government’s involvement in football matters is interference, there is no way we can neglect the importance of the government in this regard. So, we shall try to also partner with the state govt to ensure more success”, concludes Ugwu.

Enugu FA VP, Ugwu, as guest on Sports Yarn
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