Monday, May 16

“Minister Needs To Re-strategize To Achieve Meaningful Achievements” – Gara Gombe

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Frankie Omokhua

Former Special Adviser on Sports to Kano Governor and outspoken sports administrator, Gara Gombe, says the one year in office of the Hon. Sports Minister, Sunday Dare, has not yielded anything tangible to celebrate.

In a chat with Sports Arena on Monday, the outspoken sports administrator said:

“Honestly, if you ask me there is nothing that have been achieved, nothing. We have only been moving in a circle”. “We have not seen any movement, we have not seen any progress. We hear one thing today, we hear another thing tomorrow but nothing tangible to show., and this has been a waste”.

Gombe continued, Yes, he may have some ideas, but, those ideas he has can’t work or can’t be celebrated once it can not be translated into proper action”.

“And for that action to succeed, there are certain things we expect him to do. For instance, you can’t achieve any meaningful progress in a system, a sector or industry that is corrupt, hyper corrupt”.

“You can’t achieve anything tangible in a system that has deficit in infrastructure, you can’t achieve anything in a system or sector where you have deficit in terms of capacity in capacity of practitioners”.

“You can’t achieve anything in a system or sector that is polarised, and the minister has not focused on these areas but busy trying to digitalise sports even when the analogue, we have not succeeded in it yet”.

“That’s my view and so honestly speaking, he needs to re-focus, he needs to change his strategy, he needs to clean up the system first before he can think of any meaningful achievement”, advised Gombe.

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