Monday, May 16

Anambra FA Election Latest: Appeals Committee Recommends Disqualification Of Aspirant, Emeka Okeke

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Frankie Omokhua

The Appeals committee set up to oversea petitions arising from the preparation for the Anambra FA elections scheduled for October 30, has recommended the disqualification of Aspire Academy FC Chairman, Emeka Okeke, from contesting in the election.

This development was a fallout from the committee’s sitting in Awka, the state capital on Monday, to deliberate on the petitions submitted to it by a top aspirant and favorite for the top job, Chikelue Iloenyosi.

Disclosing this to Sports Yarn Class (SYC) on Monday, Iloenyosi, says, “The Appeals Committee after looking into the findings came up with the decision to disqualify Emeka Okeke, for breaching the rules guiding the election”.

“He was found to have been the Chairman of a club which he bankrolls, an intermediary in football and also Chairman of the Caretaker Committee put in place to administer affairs of the association in the interim”.

“Going by the aforementioned, the Appeals Committee found it expedient to call for his disqualification, thereby stopping him from partaking in the process”, Iloenyosi explains.

In the meantime, the former Nigeria international has queried the interest which a top aide to Anambra state Governor is having in the process.

“I don’t know why a close aide to Anambra Governor is doing all he could to manipulate the process and perpetuate illegality by supporting Okeke”.

“I want to make it very clear that if the decision of the Appeals Committee is not respected, Anambra will only be moving close to a ban from football activities”.

“I hereby use this medium to call on those who are planning to create confusion by not playing by the rules to desist from their plan”.

The Anambra State FA have been in the eyes of the storm with controversies emanating from the earlier election held in July this year.

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