Tuesday, May 17

Breaking: Anambra FA Appeals Committee Has Been Compromised To Change Earlier Decision To Disqualify Okeke – Iloenyosi

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Frankie Omokhia

Developments emerging from the controversy facing Anambra Football Association say some elements in the state are working assiduously to force members of the Anambra state FA Appeals Committee to change their earlier decision to disqualify the FA’s Caretaker Committee Chairman, Emeka Okeke, from contesting in the upcoming election. 

Speaking to Sports Yarn Class (SYC) on Tuesday, top aspirant for the election, Chikelue Iloenyosi, says money is exchanging hands to lure top members of the appeals committee to rescind their decision. 

According to Iloenyosi, “I want to tell the whole world and football stakeholders in Anambra state that certain people are doing all they can to change the judgement of the appeals committee”. 

“Onyedika, the Secretary of the committee has been compromised after they gave him money to do a disclaimer that the committee was forced to take their earlier decision”. 

Iloenyosi continued, “I want to know if this is football matter or mafia game. However, I want to let them know that I’m ready for the game”.

“I want to assure everybody that this calculated attempt by the crooks will not happen in Anambra state”, he disclosed. 

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