Wednesday, May 18

Anambra FA Election – The Grand Plan: Who Removed Emeka Okeke’s Name From NFF’s Intermediary List?

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Frankie Omokhua

There is more to the Anambra FA Chairmanship election that truly meets the eye.

Many individuals must have rubbed their hands in “oil” to dictate where they wanted the pendulum to swing prior to Friday’s Anambra FA Chairmanship election.

The drama that played out in the circles of the Anambra State government, the Nigeria Football Federation, the Appeal Committee and the Electoral Committee was a clear indication of the sinister move.

The Appeal Committee member were held hostage to prevent them from releasing their decision to disqualify Emeka Okeke.

This was followed by the open statement made by the committee’s Secretary when he denied the disqualification of Okeke as it were.

He also made known that the disqualification (if there was any), was carried out under duress.

Also, the list of delegates that were certified to vote in the election was not released but kept secret until few minutes to the election.

The master plan of those who wanted to pave way for their own selfish mission, finally agreed to announce the disqualification of Emeka Okeke few minutes to the elections.

Therefore, one may wonder why they decided to deny taking such decision earlier and held back the announcement until election day.

The most intriguing part of the drama, was the removal of the name of Emeka Okeke from the intermediary list that was domiciled in the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)?

Okeke, who signified interest to contest for the Anambra FA chairmanship position before he was disqualified had disclosed in the media that his name was not on the intermediary list after the NFF delisted his name.

Now, who carried out the job in the football house and what was that purpose set to achieve?

More revelations in the coming days….

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