Monday, May 16

LMC And Heartland’s Jersey Imbroglio

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Frankie Omokhua

The League Management Company (LMC) seems to be relaxing its own laid down rules on kits meant for matches this season.

Going by latest developments, the LMC should as a matter of urgency act on Heartland’s kits controversy before it throws the league into disrepute.

How can the Owerri side go so low by playing their Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Week 9 game against MFM of Lagos on Sunday in an unmarked training jerseys?

What is professional about the league in this abnormal show of shame and disrespect for the league?

As at the time of filing this report, the league’s hierachy was yet to make a concrete statement on this issue which has caught the attention of football followers in the country.

Is the LMC not aware of this abnormality or it just decided to keep mute to protect certain intetests?

In short, the league organisers should know that their silence may prompt other clubs to also act in disobedience to their rules and regulations when other matters arise in the future apart from the jersey issue.

If the LMC is truly ready to fix the ills that had bedeviled the league in the past, law breakers should be made to pay for their unprofessional conducts or dispositions..

Heartland FC’s unmarked jersey against MFM on Sunday

The attitude of the LMC towards this development is unacceptable because a stitch in time would save a lot of embarrassments.

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