Monday, May 16

TRILOGY CLASH: Fury/Wilder Big Pay Day And Prize Money Showcase

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Frankie Omokhua

The WBC title contest between the fiercest rivals in boxing at the moment are in for big financial purse as champion, Tyson Fury, is expected to take 60 percent to Wilder’s 40 percent

Fury and Wilder will earn as much as $18million (£13m) from Saturday’s trilogy fight.

Also, the heavyweight rivals will split a $10m purse between them, although Fury will make 60 percent of it, or $6m, while Wilder will take 40 percent, or $4m per their rematch clause from fight one.

The first fight of their contract, their second overall, was split 50/50, with the intention being that the rematch would see the winner tipping the split 60/40 when it eventually happened.

In addition, both fighters are expected to earn a share of the pay-per-view (PPV) sales as well, which will see their payouts upped significantly, and there is a contractual obligation for both to earn a share of $18m.

However, it’s a far cry from the $100m Fury stood to make from an undisputed title fight with Anthony Joshua in August, which was set before an arbitration ruling forced him to fight Wilder.

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