Monday, May 16

BREAKING: Nevada State Athletic Commission Rejects Wilder’s Complaints Over Fury’s Gloves

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Frankie Omokhua

With few hours to the much-talked about trilogy fight between WBC champion, Tyson Fury and and challenger Deontay Wilder on Sunday morning, the American pugilist has again levelled an accusation of glove tampering against his British opponent. 

Reports say Wilder has flagged an issue with Fury’s gloves before they are due to step into the ring for their world heavyweight title clash at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Wilder is said to have been keeping a close eye on Fury’s team this week, after making a number of outlandish cheating accusations against the Brit after their rematch last year.

Now, he is accusing Fury of padding inside his glove, which includes horse hair, that has concerned him.

But, in a pre-fight inspection carried out on Saturday the Nevada State Athletic Commission insisted that the gloves are okay for use, and won’t put the bout in jeopardy. Already, both boxers were given four sets of gloves for the fight.

Meanwhile, Wilder will now wear Everlast MX gloves in an effort to be put on a “fair playing ground”, although he has told 78SportsTV that he doesn’t agree with the commission’s ruling.

“We had a little situation with the gloves,” Wilder said ahead of the fight. “I already got word of some funny stuff going on in the back of the gloves”.

“When I got into the room I immediately asked about the gloves and was telling them about certain things that happened in the first event with his gloves being funny, how they were bending and folding, even showing certain clips of it”.

“They [the commission officials] said they’ve been around boxing 25, 30 years, everybody feels since they’ve been around it they are some type of expert”.

“But, if you haven’t put a glove on and hit someone in the face to understand what type of damage it could do, or how mechanically a glove can work, it’s 25, 30 years down the toilet”.

‘You can cut open a glove all day and look inside and still not know what’s going on”.

Wilder has said that he is also worried about what he feels isn’t enough padding in Fury’s gloves, although it appears that his calls have fallen on deaf ears.

“What happened was Fury’s glove that he’s chosen, which is the same thing he had last time, had little to no padding,” Wilder continued.

“The rest of it was horse hair, we thought horse hair was illegal and out of the question but they said it was [okay], so we said cool”, concludes Wilder.

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