Tuesday, May 17

EPL Signs New Improved TV Rights Deal With American Company

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Frankie Omokhua

The English Premier League (EPL) has reached a new agreement with an American company for a TV rights deal.

Although, the successful company has not been made known as at the time of filing this report, indications have it that either CBS or ESPN is in line to clinch the deal.

This development is another break through for the Premier League as Tv rights is one of the major sources of revenue for federations, leagues and teams in sports.

To earn the right to broadcast matches in regions, a company must acquire the rights from the league board or bid for it with the confederation and pay.

The latest deal which gives right to the American company to broadcast matches in the region, is worth £1.1billion (approximately $1.34billion) over six years and will see each club receive atleast £9million per season.

Already, the Premier League clubs receive atleast £40million per season in Tv revenues  divided across equal share, facility fees and merit payments from local partners while the revenues from foreign partners are shared equally among the 20 clubs.

The equal share guarantees each club about £34million while the facility fees also guarantees £12million while the merit fees are paid according to positions, with £2.5million for the 20th position and the same amount is added way up and the league winner receives about £50million.

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